$BEWA, a rug proof Meme token…

We care about our token holders

The typical story of the rug pull…
Everyone who has been in crypto space knows what a low market cap investor greatest fear is: the famous rug pull.

New coins are being listed on Uniswap and other DEX’s every single day. And, to an extent, that’s to be expected. Unfamiliar retail investors with no previous experience in the field are happy to spend their ETH on coins that are going to pull off a “10x” increase in 24 hours.
These new investors are normally suckered in via social media or chat groups, thinking they found the investment of a lifetime.
Crypto Twitter sees major accounts talking about new coins regularly. A recent example comes from a coin mimicking Ampleforth (AMPL), called TRUAMPL (TMPL). Someone was shilling “TRUAMPLE” yesterday, and 3 hours later, the developers pulled the rug, stealing 1800 ETH.
And that’s far from the only recent example, as rug pulls off the kind take place regularly.

…and that is what we with $BEWA want to avoid.
We can not stress it enough that we want to be a fair, safe and trustworthy token.

The main safety properties of our token explained:

1. The $BEWA token contract source coded is published on BSCScan and free to review by everyone:

3. Our smart contract doesn’t score any points at Rugscreen.com, meaning safe and not a rug:

2. The $BEWA token contract doesn’t have a ‘mint’ function, meaning we can not create extra tokens in addition to the existing 1,000,000 $BEWA.

3. 25% of all existing tokens will be locked up in the liquidity pool.
We will use the Liquidity locker of our partner Unicrypt to securely lock up 250,000 $BEWA for at least 1 year.
More info: https://docs.unicrypt.network/liquidity-lockers/general-concept
This way high liquidity of our token is guaranteed and this ensures that prices are stable and will not be prone to large swings in the market due to large trades.

4. Only 5% of tokens are available for the team, that means 50,000 $BEWA total. Most of these tokens will be used to pay for expenses as web hosting, contract audits, registration fees etc…

Feeling secure now to invest? We sincerelly hope!
Together with you and the rest of the community we can rise a safe and fair valued token.

The BelgianWaffle Token Team

It’s simple. We want to be the best decentralised, community driven and fair Meme token in the whole crypto world.